Friday, 21 October 2016

-_- nemesis

don't be fooled by how nice this cooker looks
it has lots of gas rings on the top
there's even a wok burner
but only two of the rings actually work

the first time I turned on the oven
and opened the door
a huge plume of disgusting smelling
smoke came out
the stench of old fat and dead stuff
dear Jason rose to the challenge
armed with his trusty halogen lamp
and some heavy duty cleaner
this was after quite a few changes of water
both of the ovens bray like donkeys when switched on
the noise is mad
shortly after I filmed this little video
the right hand oven died
no cakes for now then

this is Harry aka Hazza
he has fixed the Falcon!
I now have 6 working burners 
and two quieter ovens
long may that continue

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