Tuesday, 25 October 2016

++ through the keyhole

here is the front door to the main house
which is nearly 200 years old
the knocker is about 24cm long!
into the hallway
this staircase is much wider and bigger 
than this photo conveys
to the right the dining room
the doorway you can see
takes you into the kitchen
to the left is the 'room of doom'
named because it is full of boxes
but will eventually be a small lounge
or reception room
up to the first floor
to the right the 'eating room red'
which is above the dining room
where we are stripping the wallpaper 
{more on that later}
this will be a twin room
and has an ensuite
to the left a double bedroom 
and through that door is the ensuite
up to the second floor
to the right a beautiful big bedroom
with a side room leading to an ensuite
the side room has a single bed/s
ideal for families
to the left another double bedroom
with an ensuite
rooftop hillside views included
but that is not all ......


  1. where's my room? ;)
    miss you and love you mama!

    1. you can have any room you choose :-)
      miss you and love you more xx


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