Thursday 16 July 2009

.... out of place ....

If my little sister's tea was too hot, she would say it was 'crooked' ~ *pronounced crook - ed*
It was her way of expressing the feeling that something wasn't quite right.
The word crooked can mean twisted, bent or out of place. In Australia and New Zealand it means unpleasant or unsatisfactory. Considering she was only about 5 or 6 at the time ~ her word use was succinct.

I'm strangely drawn to even numbers ~ when I'm turning up the volume, I prefer 12 or 14 over 11 or 15. Pick a number, any number. Mine will be even.
Even though arranged objects are better if they are odd in number ~ I will choose 2, 4 or 6.
I think it's a symmetrical thing ~ I love it. If it's not balanced, it jars with me.
I eat eggs for my breakfast most mornings and absent mindedly find myself taking the eggs from the box evenly. I'll even re-arrange them sometimes, to make a pattern. But while talking on the phone one day, I selected my eggs from the box and without thinking they ended up in this shape....

.... and it didn't give me that feeling of imbalance or mess with my mojo.
Perhaps it's because it's a recognised shape and it has relevance.
Actually I don't live my life by this rule. It's a subconscious thing, nothing sinister or ritual. I have been known to be haphazard *what a good word*.

My friend Helen gets a similar feeling if she wakes in the small hours, glances at the clock and the time is not 'significant' *her word*. 4:44 and she is happy, 5:32 and she feels swindled.

So what are you? Odd or even.


  1. "Even"! (Aside from the fact that - inexplicably- 5 & 7 are my fav numbers)

    I love a bit of symmetry too - I think it shows in my home/photography etc. I'm not a great believer in star signs. However, I'm a Libran, and seem to have many Libran traits - the balanced scales being one of them...symmetry again..

  2. Yes, and I used to call Clubs "curlies" - ah, what an intelligence at such a young age!! I was obviously an Australian in a former life!!


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