Saturday, 18 July 2015

⊂⊃ living on an island

in May I spent a few days on the Isle of Wight
with my Mother, Aunt and Cousin
we met my Uncle at Sandown
where we scattered my Nan's ashes
my family had lived on the Island for many years
this hut on the prom belonged to Harry Scovell
he would sell his catch to local fish shops
and take their scraps to bait his lobster pots
with his faithful dog Sailor
my Uncle used to help him bring in the pots
and my Mum and Aunt would scrabble in the sand
for dropped coins from the jackets that were slung on the
back of deckchairs
they would spend all day out with a sandwich
and a bottle of water with sherbet
this is where they lived ~ changed now
my Grandmother took in 'visitors' in the Summer
so the children slept in a little room downstairs 
out the back
and made themselves scarce during the day
we visited Auntie Maggie
who isn't really an Aunt but was a good friend
she chattered away telling stories
as we sipped tea
we dipped our toes in the Solent
and found hagstones 
one left on my ancestors grave
simple lives well lived
and loved 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

☀️ where the gods were

oh Kefalonia you beautiful island
                                                         blue sea  //   skies
                                                   green olives  //  canna lilies
                                             dusty hill walks   //   views
                        the smell of sage, wild thyme  //  the rustle of arondo
                                   the door to the church  //  ancient mosaics

delicious eats

and drinks!
walking past pastel homes
on our way to the Ionian Sea

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

➷➹ old friends

 in the days when we would go to the Photo Booth
at the bus station:
just for the fun of it:
not for passports or id:
there's 35 years between these two photos:
so good to meet with my friend Cath:
so many years to catch up on!
we haven't changed much really
still the same inside
{yes my hair was dark when I was young!}

Saturday, 14 March 2015

§§ on the hook

for the last 6 months or so
it's been all about crochet
for a project that makes blankets for the
homeless {warm heart crochet}
cover art for a future cd {USRNM
a moroccan inspired gift
a birthday blanket
ice-cream colours for a sweet baby girl
bright doilies 
and a beach hut blanket for Yvie
who I am teaching to crochet :-)
I've enough blankets and throws at home
but it doesn't stop me having this on my hook
or this beautiful 'crochet along'
pattern by Dedri {Sophie's Universe CAL} 

what's your pleasure?

Sunday, 11 January 2015

⫦⫣ roll with it

you do not need to leave your room
remain sitting at your table and listen
do not even listen
simply wait
be quiet
still and solitary
the world will freely offer itself to you
and be unmasked
it has no choice
it will roll in ecstasy at your feet 

Franz Kafka

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

⩆⩆ new year

here’s to the future my friends—hope I can see you there
we’ll have a drink together somewhere, somewhere
here’s to the future darlings—whatever may come to pass
I send you with my good graces and that’s a fact

what have you got to lose? Whichever paths you choose
keep in mind that the fates are kind if you let them be so
and I know you will

here’s to the future brothers-raise your cups in the air
here’s to the future sisters and all the unlikely pairs

what have you got to lose? Whichever paths you choose
keep in mind that the fates are kind if you let them be so
and I know you will
here’s to the future my friends—and all that it holds in store
I hope that each day from now on holds more .…

Sunday, 28 December 2014

⩚⩛ step off the pavement

when you walk around
it’s easy to spot the well trodden paths 
that people have made for themselves

they’re those worn-down patches in parks
 the ones that branch off and cut across the grass
 between the trees
a people’s hypotenuse

in Finland, I hear
when the city wants to pave some new pathways
 they send workers out right after fresh snow fall
 to see where people are walking

these are desire paths, or desire lines
 the natural behaviour among people 
that shows you where the optimal path 
should be

desire lines are any paths roads or routes
 officially acknowledged 
or not
that people exhibit a preference for

apparently after the Great Fire
 Christopher Wren tried to lay out the city in a regular grid
 but Londoners continued to walk along 
where the old winding streets had been
 using the old, unburned stone church-spires to navigate them
walking through the construction sites
 forcing the streets back to their old places

like ants we walk our preferred paths
 a trip to the newsagents
 the route to the office
 we probably go this way and that way without thinking
there's beauty in desire lines
expressions of collective will
indicators of the memory of repeated human actions
our own engravings upon the landscape

my experience of life has been 
that there is more to be discovered 
by stepping from the tarmac 
meandering off down a dusty track
 delighting in the possibility of liberation 
offered by these paths which appear year after year
a complete disregard to those official routes 
laid out by the parks department

one day you’ll be walking along 
and see those little trails of history criss-crossing the land 
and think 'that’s where someone followed their desire'