Friday, 21 October 2016

-_- nemesis

don't be fooled by how nice this cooker looks
it has lots of gas rings on the top
there's even a wok burner
but only two of the rings actually work

the first time I turned on the oven
and opened the door
a huge plume of disgusting smelling
smoke came out
the stench of old fat and dead stuff
dear Jason rose to the challenge
armed with his trusty halogen lamp
and some heavy duty cleaner
this was after quite a few changes of water
both of the ovens bray like donkeys when switched on
the noise is mad
shortly after I filmed this little video
the right hand oven died
no cakes for now then

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

>>> elec-trickery

have a little think about how many electrical
things you have 
and how many plugs they use
in the UK our plugs have 3 pins
only having a few adaptors to use them in 2 pin sockets
got boring after a few days!
a quick youtube search 
and I was soon re-wiring
12 plugs
there's still more to do
but it's a start

Monday, 17 October 2016

paper over the cracks

this house is a balance of beauty and bodge
the previous owner wasn't a builder
he was a chef
there's lot of door porn
then there's modern doors fitted into old frames
there's bad glass paint effects
1990's paint choices
odd installations in the walls
laminate and rope
sweet child measures
electric cable conduit
around this double beauty

there is work to do and we have lots of time to do it
luckily I have my brother Jason, staying with me to help

Sunday, 16 October 2016


one week ago
my house was packed up
labelled and loaded
onto a huge truck 
we had a few days without any furniture
{apart from some beds I purchased from the previous owner}
one frying pan and a saucepan
two borrowed deckchairs
and some random crockery 
by the third day, the truck arrived
the whole village suddenly wanted to walk their dogs
or visit the local bar
to see what was going on
within a few hours
everything was unloaded
most of the boxes were piled in a side room 
on the ground floor
we call this 'the room of doom'
much of it won't be unpacked for some time
so this is my new home
in La Bastide sur L'Hers

plenty more photos here ~ 

Saturday, 24 September 2016

~~* make the dream real

some of us dream of moving to a new country
holiday daydreams
a different culture
different streets
this is the key to my new home
it's in a little village on a river
in the Midi Pyrenees
in two weeks
all my belongings will be loaded onto a huge van
and delivered here
where I will be waiting to start a fresh chapter

4 lovely big double bedrooms 
all en suite
available from Spring 2017
la maison du Denise

Monday, 20 June 2016

++ hill walking in Aude

 on cooler days
it's a joy to walk in the hills with my friend Suzie
the views, the sounds, the fresh air
wild flowers, cow bells, big skies
past old shepherds huts
dry stone shelter
as we climb higher
the views are breath taking
snow on the peaks of the Pyrenees
we pick wild thyme, oregano, rosemary and lavender
the smell was amazing!
we put the fresh herbs into a dehydrator
the next day they re put into a paper bag
for me to take home and use on my 
roasted vegetables, stews and soups

there's something deeply satisfying 
about provenance 

Thursday, 9 June 2016

** yarn travels

 on my recent trip to Aude
I was lucky enough to visit Andie & Adriaan Luijk at
Andie kindly gave us a tour of her dye house 
she shared the story of their craft
with so many tips and knowledge
each stage of process
sustainable and natural 
keeping the carbon footprint as small as can be
bottles of brew
horsetail and elderberry
weld and woad
real plant matter used to make the colours
even onion skins!
the wool is beautifully fine 
in weight and quality
couldn't resist these two skeins on the left
poll dorset & blue faced leicester 4ply
thank you Andie & Adriaan for taking time for us