Thursday, 16 January 2020

- - - - en promenade

the time of year when resolutions are made
I never go by that
instead I'm retaining an intention 
the intention to keep walking

at least one hour 
sometimes more
time to think, breathe
and listen to the sounds around me
no targets
no regime
just walking
when I want
where I want
2019 = 652km 

Monday, 2 December 2019

[_] |~| monumental

one day you are at possibly the most famous place
that you saw in those reference books at the library
that you couldn't borrow
the surreal feeling
of seeing it in reality
a vast structure

and looking back at the sea
that you sailed on the day before
a fitting day to end to our time in Greece
back home 
I packed up my life
and moved into a rental house
my stay for a while
until I decide my next steps

oh and a new resident
this little kitten
was found under the bonnet of my mans van
when I was on the island of Astrous
so we named her Astro
when I was settled in my new home
she came to live happily with me

Thursday, 7 November 2019

^~^~^~ endless blue

how to challenge your fear of open water
take a 7 day sailing trip
around the Saronic Islands in the Aegean Sea
on a small boat
with 6 women and a male skipper
of course I was nervous
having never been on a boat smaller than a ferry
those fears melted away
as we visited islands everyday
docking at different a harbour
waking up to the sounds of sail masts
the bustle of water side life
then setting off to a bay for swimming
a new found love of being on the sea
sleeping to the sound of the water
lapping on the side of the boat 
and gazing at the changing shades of blue
each Island very different
like the ladies I travelled with
who were forgiving my quirks
and so very encouraging
as I dipped my shoulders under the Aegean water
sunrises/ sunsets
yoga, laughter, food food food
music, boats, dolphins,
flying fish, sea
our fantastic skipper Petros
and blue 

endless blue

again next year maybe?

Islands & bays we visited ~~
Poros, Docos Bay, Hermione, Metoxi,
Tolo, Nafplion, Astrous, Zagoria, Spetses,
Hydra, Peloponese, Soupia, Aegina, Lagouses, Alimos

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

@@@ love the life you live

 this little window
is where I watch the sun rise 
through shutters
 by night we drink beer
play boule
with Portuguese neighbours
one shares the same initials
til the sun sets
under the stars
the clack of metal
the sound of the river
dogs run free
c'est la vie 

Sunday, 18 August 2019

face your fear

the brain is a peculiar thing
it holds deep memory
it pushes negative things into the recesses
and brings positive to the forefront
if you allow

despite living beside the seaside for most of my life
I don't swim but adore being next to  the sea
a lake, a river, an ocean
I have a fear of being in or on open water
born from a childhood incident
that I really don't remember
but my brain does
I walk the shoreline
dip my feet and ankles
but that's as far as I go
until this week ....
I felt the time was right to face my fear
with my hand held
I walked into the lake, to my waist
and dipped my shoulders under the water
looking at the mountains from the water line
calm breath, a smile
for a short moment I lifted my feet from the sand
I was safe
and it felt amazing

Friday, 2 August 2019

^^^ no holds barred

life is a journey
as long as you keep moving forward

“the free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it - 
basically because you feel good, very good, 
when you are near or with them.”

― Charles Bukowski, Tales of Ordinary Madness

Thursday, 25 July 2019

--- oui ou non

the tug of war between definitives
invites online
we want answers now

or maybe
now this word has been good to me
the get out card of commitment
a nice bold question mark
I've over used it
it was my knee jerk reply
until recently ....
in realisation that good opportunities can be seized
when they come your way
the value of feeling able to assert your boundaries
forgiving yourself when you don't have an answer
saying yes more often
and giving yourself time to think
if the answer is fuzzy

and remembering my mantra
'you are allowed to change your mind'!