Monday, 5 July 2010

---- needle and thread

what did ladies do before television?
they got creative:
knitting, sewing, crochet, darning and embroidery:
I learned to sew at school:
we tackled knitting {I was rubbish}
I watched my Mama crochet and picked it up:
now embroidery ....
a little gingham needlecase, with a blanket stitched edge,
made at junior school:
do children learn such things anymore?

on my Summer holiday I want to create
a freeform embroidery:
fabric, silks and needles will take up little
room and weight in my suitcase:
Trudi {my late mother-in-law} was a prolific
her twin sister Lottie was too:
their pieces are beautiful:
all sewn on the best German cotton:
with colour changing silks:

and divinely muted colours:
they made cloths for each other:
 table mats with applique
and the tiniest tiniest neatest stitches:
real inspiration:

{if anyone knows how to remove ancient food stains 
from such delicacies, please tell}


  1. These pieces are truly gorgeous, wish I could sew like that I could never be neat enough!! I can do basic repairs and thats it! xx

  2. well that's good start Jen!
    hope my sewing will be as good as that:
    it's been awhile:

  3. oh these are exquisite! Risky I know, but how about painting with a very fine brush 50/50 bleach on the stained bits of cloth? Wash it off the second the stain has gone....


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