Tuesday 4 October 2011

六 eye candy

quick round up of
things that grabbed my glances ☟
folded felt panels
ripple and wave 
by penelope jordan:
dovetailed teatray stack
by brown & cox:
serious tassel envy
by jessica light:
sweet letters
written live 
by lizzie mary cullen:
knitted crochet love:
wool wrapped lampshades
by furniture magpies:
best in show:
crochet lamp 
by naomipaul textiles


  1. I like the simiplicity of the letters, we just don't write enough of them anymore :(

    By the way, have your dyed your hair? as I am assuming that is you in the avatar.

  2. haha yes!
    dyed it pink for the Summer:
    festival hair ^_^


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