Sunday, 27 November 2011

^..^ purr

it was over 17 year ago 
when we visited Beryl's house:
she worked for the Cat Protection League
and we chose two little abandoned kittens
to take home and love:
Murmur & Momus:

Momus was a ginger tom who sadly died 
mysteriously within a few months:
Murmur was the runt of the litter:
a tiny black cat with a lot to say for herself:
she didn't much like other cats:
but she really loved humans:
even tiny ones:
lazing around her favourite past time:
'talking' and purring:
such a vocal puss:

when we moved to a house on a busy road,
she moved to my brothers home:
he and his girlfriend gave her the 
run of their place:
they affectionately called her 'Madam Ming'

I would ring him up and I could hear
Murmur in the background,
miaowing and purring
'hey me me I'm over here'
dear dear Murmur:
watching the birds from her throne
and murmuring:
loved by us all and always remembered:


  1. So sad when they depart, she must have been a good age. Cherish your memories. xx

  2. oh bless her sweet and beautiful blackpussness. xx

  3. It's me as a bubba! :3
    I shall miss your furry cuddles Murmur. <3

  4. Beautiful cat, gorgeous girl, wonderful world.

    I heart Murmur's memorial post.


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