Friday, 30 December 2011

in these times of social networking
it's easy to skim the timeline
click 'like'
post a comment:

yes we're all happy here
see the photos to prove it:
but are they?
are we?

what about real conversation?
longer than 140 characters
or a status update:

scratch the surface and there's
so much more to 

someone said to me recently
'it's never just you'

a personal mantra for the coming year
a time for thinking of
and being with others:

let's reconnect 
in real life:


  1. I'm delighted to hear (read?) you my darling. You know how contemptuous I am of social network sites and the facebook culture in general.
    See you on the other side, the one with us uncool kids!
    ….and can't wait to connect in real life week after next :)

  2. But how would the 'someone' who said 'It's never just you' have said it to you without social networking? Innit x

  3. and how would someone read this if they're not on t'interweb?
    just saying it's no substitute for real contact, long conversations, being in company:
    tea and cake's not included in the web!


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