Sunday, 12 February 2012

꒽꒽ lost and found

sometimes my job brings good things:
like a man who rings up and asks
if we want to buy boxes and boxes
of old medicine bottles:
dusty and dirty:
some still holding their potions
and poisons:
and a small dusty case:
with letters and papers
and boxes of vials
and ampoules with
strange chemical names
but elegant forms:
stamped envelopes
dated 9 Nov 1944
a birth!
sweet paper card, hand coloured:
{click on the images to view them larger}
from Lara and Ernest:
and a letter 
on wafer thin paper
'my darling, we were so pleased to have that news.
I had gone to post a letter to you so it wouldn't
miss the post & was I pleased, I cried.
I was so relieved to know it was over and all
was well so far, now take care & don't take
cold if you can avoid it for it's bitterly cold
very nice but so cold.
I am so glad it's a little girl be sure & tell me all about 
it when you are able, how much she weighs & is she
fair. I shall want to know it all, whether it was too bad
or was it decent.  Mrs M said last night you felt sure it 
would be Friday but somehow I didn't, as long as
all it well that's the main point.
I am so glad you are in good hands. I wonder what 
that baby at home will say & do when you go home.
I don't know whether Dick will have let Lillie know
but I have written her for fear she will like to know.
Well my darling we are very excited. Mrs Steer had
just asked me as I came in & she said I hope it 
will be here before the week-end & so it was already
here bless it.
Pop joins me in sending our love & wishes for a
very speedy recovery. Give Olive Lyra a kiss fo her
Grandpa and Nanna also a big hug & kiss for our
darling Susan, lots of love and God bless
from Mother & Dad xxxx
x Pods
        x Pods sister
two copies of Nottingham Evening Post
Monday November 13th 1944
and there among the births 
MOODY.- On November 8th, at Women's
Hospital to Dora {Margaret}{nee Clewlow}
and Dick, a sister for Susan
the Beeston Parish magazine
Feb 11 ~ Olive Myra Moody
she was taken home to 
58 Abbey Road, Beeston, Notts:
the mementoes kept but never passed on:
I wonder where she is today?


  1. What absolute treasures Dee. What a day you've had going through the dust to find all the little pieces of history! Wau!

  2. What treasures indeed, fascinating isn't it little snippets of past lives.

  3. Those letters are beautiful! Love that large, almost square one with that round, blue, stamp.

    (I have to admit that every time I'm visiting your blog I really am tempted by that chocolate picture at the top ) :)

  4. thank you everyone:
    there's a few more little pieces of the story to add ~ hopefully the next blog ....

    sorry Anna, that chocolate was eaten long ago, with many others: but the wrappers are kept and put in my chocolatebook!

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