Sunday 4 November 2012

⊗ two surfaces and an edge

a sunny Autumnal day in Hadleigh
and a visit to HOFS for the
Book Arts Fair
it's not often we get something so
good in my locale!
here are my personal goodies
Keep Out by Miranda Campbell
delicate pages of bark and paper
bound objects and text by Margaret Cooter
she asked visitors to write their names on paper 
and bind them within this ongoing piece
 photographic images, text and written words 
on canvas squares by Triss Norman
the disjointed calendar of mixed feeling
Bunty by Karen Apps
I love Karen's work and how she twangs the
strings of motherhood, attachment and memory
glass and text 
imprisoned with a box
there was so much to adore and admire
on Sally Chinea's table
her delicately stitched works have a dark side
within the brown paper wrap 
the pattern to stitch your very own
silk grenade
Smell the Coffee 
tensile strength of everyday objects
culled books from her partners bookcases
the covers stripped and red ink dipped
violence and remembrance 
The True Edge of Creation
these vibrant raging pages
soaked in good inks 
layered strata
flickering in the November light

something unexpected conjured from the mundane
constructed deconstructed
bringing new responses
wonder disgust intrigue

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