Monday 18 February 2013

✚✙ these streets

a Friday off and the chance to journey to
before the half term crowds
among the four floors of space
were these photographs by 
Geraldo De Barros 
 just the sort of thing I capture when
wandering the streets of hotter places
where the light is a delight
we wandered the streets in chilly London
and came to a small gallery
a dark space 
quiet but for the creak of floorboards
reworked found photographs by 
Butch Anthony
erosion of culture 
by Guy Laramee
go down the spiral stairs to the basement
The Museum of Curiosity
and this magnificent installation
by Swoon
a dream reliquary
inside the drawers 
typed dreams on yellowed paper
"I dreamt I was Stalin’s daughter… and he was nice to me."
filigree paper cuts and cast curios
we blink in the daylight to continue our mooch
to Lina Stores
green stripes entice 
choc full of Italian treats and eats
pretty packages
sweet day to get lost in Soho

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