Wednesday, 2 October 2013

☯ time for change

last month
we dropped my girl off at University
tears with fear of the unknown
anticipation at adventures to come

our home is different without her
my role as Mama has a new meaning

we had never been apart for more than 7 days
my life revolving around her needs
she has flown and settled into a new chapter
and so must I
and I will in my own time

just busy yourself doing what you most want, 
among the choices now before you, 
and before long your life's purpose will find you

I took at trip to my friend Suzie's
her family always make me so so welcome
and who can resist an invitation to absorb
the beautiful light of Southern France?
olive groves
 picnics by the lake
 layers of light and colour

rickety roofs
and washing lines to gladden my heart


  1. As the coming weeks unfold, you will get used to your new role and it will be one that fits you well, I'm sure.
    Oh yes indeed, the agfa really does lap up the light! {We make you welcome because you always are :) x}



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