Saturday 18 July 2015

⊂⊃ living on an island

in May I spent a few days on the Isle of Wight
with my Mother, Aunt and Cousin
we met my Uncle at Sandown
where we scattered my Nan's ashes
my family had lived on the Island for many years
this hut on the prom belonged to Harry Scovell
he would sell his catch to local fish shops
and take their scraps to bait his lobster pots
with his faithful dog Sailor
my Uncle used to help him bring in the pots
and my Mum and Aunt would scrabble in the sand
for dropped coins from the jackets that were slung on the
back of deckchairs
they would spend all day out with a sandwich
and a bottle of water with sherbet
this is where they lived ~ changed now
my Grandmother took in 'visitors' in the Summer
so the children slept in a little room downstairs 
out the back
and made themselves scarce during the day
we visited Auntie Maggie
who isn't really an Aunt but was a good friend
she chattered away telling stories
as we sipped tea
we dipped our toes in the Solent
and found hagstones 
one left on my ancestors grave
simple lives well lived
and loved 

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