Monday 4 December 2017

*** Mirepoix to Xativa

three women
three dogs
two cars {with a LOT of luggage}
and 651 km of road to travel
as part one of our escape to Andalucia

first stop Xativa
well known for it's linens and paper
and the birth place of Pope Alexander XI
the 14th Century basilica 
a renaissance stunner
tucked away in the tiny cobbled streets
but easy to spot all over the town
we stayed in a stunning little b&b 
a former silkweavers house 
Casa Aldomar was perfect for our short stay
close to buildings to swoon over with their
green blues ochres and details
it was Hispanic Day when we arrived
a national holiday
celebrating being Spanish
the town resounded with firecrackers 
all day and night
on the second day 
we took a very leisurely 
 and sometimes treacherous climb to
Castello de Xativa 
spread out across the hill
visible from kilometres away
it has been claimed by the Moors, French, Bourbons
Hapsburgs and Aragonese
worth trekking up with three dogs
for the views alone
and then a deserved local artisan beer
after a little wander around the local market
we packed up and set off
for the next part of our journey ......

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