Tuesday, 5 June 2018

**** flowers, fetes and friends

one thing the French love
is a Fete
they take them very seriously
plenty of effort is put in to set them up
there are fetes for everything
music, food, flowers, nuts, bears
you name it
and my village is no exception
so I took it as an excuse to escape the
four day 'feria' in La Bastide
a 35 minute drive from my house is
the home of Jimmy & Gill who very kindly
let me stay for three nights of quiet and calm
this lake is in the grounds 
and those grounds are full of wild flowers
wild orchids 
orange blossom
and in the adjoining land
a field of linseed
with their tiny delicate blue
if you need a getaway
I'd thoroughly recommend staying here
it's a little piece of heaven 
in the hills

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