Tuesday, 30 June 2020

\/\/\ when love breaks down

something happened yesterday
it had been building for a little while
I knew it
he knew it
I've been living a story for the last year or so
today, with a big feather quill
I'm dipping it into the pot of ink
and writing a false stop
no regrets, no sadness

“I believe that love is the indispensable fuel for us to go on living.
Someday that love may end.
Or it may never amount to anything.
But even if love fades away, even if it’s unrequited,
you can still hold on to the memory of having loved someone,
of having fallen in love with someone.
And that’s a valuable source of warmth.
Without that heat source,
a person’s heart would turn into a bitterly cold, barren wasteland.
A place where not a ray of sunlight falls,
where the wildflowers of peace,
the trees of hope, have no chance to grow.
Here in my heart,
I plan to use these memories
as my own little fuel source to burn on cold nights,
to keep me warm as I live out what’s left of my own personal life.”

Haruku Murakami

                                                                              Confessions of a Shinagawa Monkey

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