Friday, 19 June 2009

truman trawl

Last night I went up to Brick Lane to see the graduate photography exhibitions & to meet up with some friends + their friends.
There were many spaces filled with interesting work and even more interesting looking people.
The Truman Brewery was by far the largest space ~ an aircraft hangar sized gallery choc-full of art.
The buzz was good even without Cuba Libre appetisers in the Light Bar beforehand or the free energy drinks handed out at the show.
A real mix of styles and effects and not enough time to take it all in.
I loved the night tree scapes of Bernard Hunt.
These dark images seem like negatives at first, but on closer
inspection their beauty and detail is revealed. Web doesn't do them justice sadly.

Top marks for interaction and great shots to Jayne Taylor for her Wallpaper/Interior inspired shots seen by peering through viewmasters that were fixed into a white pillar.

This alphabet, by an unknown artist was sited in a corner spot and accompanied by two windowsills of black and white folded tissue paper boats.
It appealed to my text fascination and origami ocd.
The night was rounded off with havana rums at Cafe 1001.
Good conversation, tunes and dancing as we grabbed a comfy spot upstairs.


  1. Did you see anything by French artist Laurence (a girl)- she's a friend of a friend but was exhibiting there..

  2. It was vast Mr M ~ I did look at pretty much everything.
    I'll be honest & say I skimmed some portraiture though.


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