Wednesday 17 June 2009

shutters come down, safety inside, exile at home

We have a new front door at La Martini.
Now comes the dilemma of what colour to paint it.

Perhaps I should pick a colour from the Art Deco revival stained glass from our bay windows.

I'm drawn to the blue even though green is my favourite colour.
Red is beautiful but what does that say?
Colour psychology?
Red = danger, passion, energy and warmth.
It is said to bring lively feelings and stimulate the appetite.

Green = the symbols of nature, it is calming and restful.
It brings feelings of balance, security and stability.

Yellow = sunshine and energy.
It is thought to enhance emotional feelings.

Blue = is supposed to promote intellectual thought
It indicates loyalty, serenity and protection.

Blue it will be then.


  1. Look at you with your coloured text and everything. I see it as a Red or Yellow door, not because of the psychology, just the look..

  2. So I'll open the door to hungry hoards or stressed out drama-queens ^_^


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