Saturday 14 November 2009

Λ pass it on


This week I've been painting my amazing new shelves that were designed by me and crafted by the fabulously talented Clive.
He interpreted 'inclusion of my random drawer collection' and 'shelves strong enough for me to sit on' superbly.
*yes dear reader, I did climb up and sit on one*

Yesterday, I delved into the huge pile of boxes that have been stored for the last four years.

Those boxes were full of books books books.

Now the idea of placing them into topics didn't grab me and the usual placing of spines of a similar size was far too boring for me.
So I shoved my ipod on loud and set to placing them in colour order instead.  Loving the undulating size ranges and the red/orange/yellow section.  It makes me smile everytime I see it.
Top shelf has our scrapbooks and my vinyl collection from A to X.
No 'zeds' strangely.  
*I shall be spinning some tracks today on my old B&O yeah*

The lower shelf houses my small childhood books.
Tintin, Rupert and Paddington Bear.

These books were passed on from a friend of my Nan & Grandads.I often wondered who this boy was, as I drew a line through his name on the inside cover. My Mama said she used to babysit him and that his father was a scientist. Grandad used to do some decorating at their house. My reading heritage acquired from someone I'd never met.

I still love the illustrations, by Peggy Fortnum, inside these books. It was before the tv adaptation and familiar pictures of Paddington that are brought to mind. 

So what of the boy who once owned these books?
He became an author and comedian who has made me smile many times. 
His name?


  1. Love the rainbow reading room on the bottom shelf ~ and what a turn up about Ben Elton. Great story!!

    Word Veri is 'gents'

  2. thanks Mr M ~ not sure what I'm going to fill my 'printers tray' drawers with yet
    many tiny compartments to adorn with little objets ....
    you'll like the green drawer ~ it contains a small selection of old Batman comics from my youth ^_*

    I was thinking of blogging those random word verifications but seems you've trumped me with your screengrab!

  3. I had to bring this piccy up big. I am in awe of your bookilicious shelves! The pinky/orangey section is indeed lovely and that's a french dictionary nestling on shelf deux, n'est pas?

    Glad you are still shoving yerself in crannies.

    If I do spaniel eyes at Clive will he make me some, then?

  4. Lovely! They look very inviting, I love nosying at other people's bookshelves. Would you believe that quite a few peeps don't have any? Quelle horreur!
    I too have been repainting & rearranging 20 years of books. I too, did one shelf's worth of colour arrangement but only with my Penguins, I need categories or I get lost
    Love the Benjamin Elton


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