Monday 15 March 2010

βɓʙlue blue for you

a Saturday workshop at CoExist :
creating cyanotype prints using a solution of iron compounds:
it's a recipe introduced by Sir John Herschel in 1842:
distilled water + potassium ferricyanide:
distilled water + ferric ammonium citrate (green):
the two solutions are mixed together in equal parts:
in a daylight free room, coat some paper or
fabric in the solution and leave to dry:
place objects or negatives onto the paper:
expose to sun or uv light:
rinse in water:
or first in white vinegar, then in water to increase the tonal range:
this is a negative I found behind a photo in my Nannie's
photo album:
it's a picture of my Mama aged about one:
I gave her this print for Mothers Day:

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  1. Brilliant Dee, thanks for the reminder! Bron x


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