Monday, 29 March 2010

☼ lazy sun:day

the clocks may have gone forward an hour:
but I made the most of some spring sun:
grabbing grasses and herbs:
keys and seeds:
to use up my cyano paper before it was past it's best:
after lunch we dawdled off to the
lazy sunday 
hosted by level 4 magazine:
a family day, humming with children of all shapes and ages:
parents and grandparents:
friends and new faces:
with something for everyone to enjoy:
sticking and glueing:
and a colouring competition:
adults included:
then we grabbed a seat:
we listened to the 'poet laureate of Southend-on-Sea'
who made us smile with his ditties of his local
village, where the only gun crime was the squirting of a water pistol
on a badly reversed car:
we laughed very loudly and interacted with the
superbly amusing improvisationists
'the house of people':
then we sat outside in the sun for a while:
eating a huge plate yummy veggie chilli with couscous and tzatziki
from the delicious mykitchen:
the electro sounds of bearcraft wafted outside
so we popped back in to listen:
lots of dads liked this:
so did we:
the sun still shining, the sounds of chatter and
children squealing and some bubble blowing:
ended with a disco of 'songs your children should know':
the kids fascinated by the camera trickery projection:
yes Madam Diva, I saw you shimmying:
and so did I:
dancing on a sunday afternoon?
you betya:


  1. A fab day - can't think why I missed the poet though. Perhaps nattering on to Neil Beard. Buzzed for the next one though.

  2. Well done on the photos - doh! on that front to self.

    I missed the poet laureate which was a shame because I always enjoy his sets.

    The disco was brillig \o/

  3. seems everyone missed the poet although there were lots of
    people sitting on beanbags:
    loved the kids watching themselves on the crazy screen:

  4. See more photos and video is on IDEA13:



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