Thursday, 19 August 2010

☼ come together

while in France I was fortunate to finally meet my 
friend Suzie:
she insisted we stay at her house:
the only payment accepted being
teabags and marmite:
Suzie and I had not actually met in real life:
our mutual love of film cameras, Radiohead, 
Andrew Graham Dixon & a huge list of appreciations,
brought us together over the world wide web:

she took us to her favourite places and spaces:
we snapped, thrifted, talked, picnic'd, laughed, chatted:
young girls talked fashion, giggled and painted nails:
big girls drank rose and swang on the swingy seat:
thank you for sharing your days with us:
can't wait for you to do the same over here:
and indeed, god bless the internet!

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