Thursday 12 August 2010

☯ open to the new

for ten days
for the first time in my life
I slept under canvas:
tree shadows from the sun
and the moon:
nestled in a forest by the Pyrenees:
cicadas sing and birds call:
fireflies light meandering pathways:
owls hoot by night:
after breakfast
the sound of a conch horn
calls us up the hill
for yoga:
our pilgrimage:
as I breathe in the forest air
I gaze up at the blue sky:
these views from my red yoga mat:
when I journeyed up the winding road 
from En Durou
to Viveka:

to be continued ....


  1. ooooh, I've been waiting with baited breath for your the sun/shadows on the tent. Alas, it's raining today :(

    edit: word veri is "emindroid"
    is that a robotic Tracy Emin?

  2. Looks fab. Being out in that must have been a salve for the soul.

  3. Beautiful pictures, beautiful comments, beautiful time together indeed.

  4. Hi, I was once at a place called En Durou and stayed with my friend called Bob Baldwin. Is this by any chance the same place and if so please can you let me know. We go back so many years and I have lost contact with him. I love your blog by the way!! Many thanks, Saren Dobkins aka Bikepath.

  5. it could have been the same place but sadly it wasn't with Bob:
    it was with Sophie and Jo at Viveka ~ right up the mountain:
    if you click the word Viveka on the blog it will send you to their website:
    maybe Sophie knows Bob? might be worth a try:
    thank you for your kind words: good luck in your search: ☯


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