Thursday 28 October 2010

⑊⑊ stitch in time

yesterday, for the first time,
I visited a prestigious address:
in search of intricate hand stitched finery:
not a suit or shirt:
but fabric works by Louise Bourgeois:
cut, re-sewn, constructed pieces
made from hoarded linens:
woven strips and stripes:
silks and voiles of muted colour:
geometric forms made soft:
spiders web or parachute:
her parents restored tapestries for a living:
a childhood surrounded in fabric:
peaux de lapins, chiffons ferrailles a vendre:
suspended ghostly forms:
incarcerated fabric made flesh:
conscious and unconscious:
two pieces linked by needle and thread:
fear of separation:
domicile and maternal links:

alas I could not photograph my favourite pieces:
buttons sewn in patterns and grids:
on vintage cottons:
they reminded me of my own childhood:
sorting and organising the coloured discs
into piles and patterns:

a superb show of later works by a brilliantly prolific artist:
she is missed already:
and yes there is a spider:

{images from Hauser + Wirth as the gallery wouldn't let me take 
any photos *sans flash*
there were too many eyes watching me watching art which made 
my viewing quite uncomfortable: 
no hand outs and an echoing space made resonant by some loud
bloke trying to sort out their pc on the desk:  
I wasn't the only one complaining!}


  1. If you're ever back at Saville Row way, get a peep at number 3, formerly Apple Records, and scene of the rooftop concert. Just round the corner in Heddon Street is the Ziggy phonebox. I'll get me anorak...

  2. spied number 3 {knew that}:
    didn't twig Heddon St was in the same bailiwick:
    thank you Mr locations spotter ^_*

  3. Hi! This is image is really nice! I want to use it please... can you send me your email address? Really appreciate it! :)

    1. Its actually the Savile Row sign image...

    2. I'm happy for you to use my image Alfredo:
      the original has been archived so maybe you can use it from here :-)


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