Sunday, 12 June 2011

☼ a summer tea party

on the first day of June
I met with my friend Sandra:
we walked past fields of lucerne:
and parched earth on the marshes:
through the caravan park
and tall rusty gates
past the lakes
blooming with waterlilies
we watched two amusing ladies
make beautiful flower arrangements
as they talked about their farms
of asparagus harvests and wheat:
then we ate sandwiches on cake stands
drank tea from china cups
and relished slices of soft deep victoria sponge:
followed by a tour of the Manor
by the present owner:
the building was in disrepair for many years
but Mr Bertolli and his family are gradually
restoring it:
some of the original features remain
an historic glimpse for good causes:

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  1. The land sure is parched. I hope you get some rain there.


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