Wednesday 3 August 2011

\‖/ five a day

we've been away for most of July:
but in our absence
 the garden has been
having a right rave up:
our carrots might be weird shaped
but they taste so much better than
shop bought:
Nicola's borlotti's are soaringly high
and weighty with pods:
left to do it's thing:
we're loving our dreadlockrasta
unkempt garden:
what's growing in yours?


  1. Its a great sight to come home too, but then you also have the weeds :(

    I especially love the last shot, pretty ladybug.

  2. These pictures remind me of my moms vegetable path at the farm house we used to rent. I certainly miss that place.

    These shots are very pretty! They would be even lovelier if they were a little bit bigger in size :)

    Have a sunny Sunday!

  3. if you click on the photos Halina, it shows them a bit bigger:
    there's something about home grown that is SO good isn't there?
    happy Sunday to you too ^_^

  4. Hello,

    The images "silver prints" from homeless gallery 2011 are by a friend of mine Kasia Wozniak, would you be able to highlight it please? Thank you!

    Thank you


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