Sunday, 28 August 2011

☐☐ homeless gallery {pt 2}

a really industrial space 
in the most
elegant of buildings:
a real mix of artists work:
anna knowek ~ new british anthropology:
modern british people
like oil paintings
from a country manor:
damian chrobak ~ public transport:
people in their own worlds:
candid moments:
rich colours in square format:
anna lukala ~ high street people:
tender portraits in the shops and spots
of a seaside town:
heartwarming and bleak:
timeless landscapes in lomo colour:
tear off business card recycler:
gorgeous silver prints by Kasia Wozniak 
alan hockett ~ ethereal 'bean can' pinholes:
his work always gives me a new view
of familiar places:
b frymorgen:
images of childhood:
sensitive, textured tales:
urszula wiznerowicz ~ behind the curtain:
the chaos and effects of alcoholism 
in her hometown:

katarzyna suder:
stunning portraits of Polish miners:
dangerous and determined workers:
darren harvey-regan :
tree transparencies:
beneath my feet:
out of place:
lit by a shard of light from the 
Kursaal window:

there's lots more:
go see:
{until 4th September}

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