Monday 25 February 2019

~~ Ⓐ ℟ȶ℮

there's plenty of creativity here
but those who know me
know I like edgy and challenging
things that make me go oOo
this expo with 100's of stands
had something for everyone
including me
here's my picks ~

this colour palette and light 
by Pierre Riollet
carnaval de rio, 1922
by Sonia Delauney
still fresh and moderne
like mirrors of the soul
Da Vinci advised artists to stare for a long time
at old walls in order to find in them
familiar shapes to stimulate imagination
yes that's lego graffiti 
both by Lenz
lots of 3 dimensional art 
and I love the colour palette and form
by Swiz
simple strokes like Dior sketches
folded paper and paint
by Laetitia Vidal
beautiful girls
best in show for me 
metal lingerie
plenty of playful 
crazy stands
hologram 3d art is back 
there was so much more
until the next expo 

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