Tuesday, 12 February 2019

ȭỠõ thirty years later

creatives gravitate here
Dali loved Perpignan
at 4.21pm on August 27 1965
alerted to its aura by a bright
 shining light and a revelation in which 
"everything become overpoweringly evident"
he declared the lobby of the station
the centre of the universe

can't say I've been a fan of his art
but the man
unruly and unconventional
self indulgent and amusing
to mark the 30th anniversary 
of his death
an homage to Dali
with Francoise Hardy
by Jean-Marie Perier
hands 1977
by Pierre Boulat
hypercubicus 1953
by Francesc Catala Roca
egg shaped hat
by Postius
chemins de fer francais
perhaps Perpignan's location
invites many to gather there
creating a unique energy
whatever it is
I love it

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