Saturday, 12 September 2009

(¯`pale blue love ´¯)

While picking some dried grass heads this morning I noticed that one of them has flowered for the first time.
I can't remember what it's called but the seeds are a delicate purple colour and I love the way they waggle in the breeze.
After gathering a bunch of interesting shapes and textures I took them to the Tap gallery for a lesson in a process called cyanotype.
My teacher, Emma of co-exist, showed me how to mix the ingredients and coat the paper to make it light sensitive. Then I laid my grassy tableau and took the whole piece outside into the sunshine.

Gradually the paper turned from pale lime, to olive green then blue.
A rinse with water and dried in the sun....

.... beautiful blue prints on watercolour paper.


  1. these are beautiful! what a lovely thing to do, i'd love to try it one day. i especially love the seed pods (are they?) at the top of each print.

  2. oh do ~ it's such fun ^_^
    the seed pods are honesty or silver pennies as we called them as kids

    my head is buzzing with experimentation with this
    just as soon as I've set up a light-free area


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