Wednesday, 30 September 2009

☼ Village Green ☼

This sunny Saturday we went to Village Green ~ a local arts and music event in Chalkwell Park.
It was fabulous to see friends ~ past and present in the park where I spent most of my childhood.
Some parts of it have changed and so have I.
It seemed so much bigger when I was 6 years old, sitting on the bench wrapped around the old tree with my Pa.
I sat on that bench again and listened to the sounds of reggae beats, distant acoustic guitars and the chatter of hundreds of voices.
The Park was filled with smiling faces and tents and stalls of handcrafted wares.
The air perfumed with the scent of the sea mixed with exotic foods.
(Alan never did get his curried goat)
It's avenue cheered with brightly coloured bunting made my local people in the 'longest bunting world record attempt'

One huge Circus Tent housed the Co-Exist Gallery exhibition ~ Sideshow.
Lucky me ~ my photos were included ☺
Amy & Emma curated a splendid show of oddities.
like this little picture embellished with sequins and stationery stickers
and this trapeze piece made of sewn and formed plastic
so I put my token in the bubblegum machine and got these perfect porcelain keyrings of love/loss
The day was rounded off at dusk with a screening of Yellow Submarine on a huge inflatable screen.
We sat in rows of blue & white striped deckchairs and sang "we all live in a ...." at the tops of our talked-out voices.
All you need is Love.


  1. It was a great, great day - missed the film though, but was a bit too soothed by the time it came on anyway.

    Did I tell you I bumped into Peter Eden in the tee-pee tent, and he pointed ou the singer of the band playing (the same band we saw in Old Leigh Folk Festival - Sunday, outside the Ice Cream/Tea Garden venue) was one of the original illustrators on Yellow Submarine..

  2. You always did love Chalkwell Park and the seat round the old tree was a welcomed rest for me, before we set off for yet another look at the "zoo" :-))
    For a report and a selection of short vids of the event, have a look at:


    Some Images Of Village Green In Chalwell Park
    can be found at above link.

    Best Southend

  4. Oo lots of clickylinky goodness ~ thank you

    yes Pa ~ poor old Lulu the bear and the amazing peacocks ^_*

    I know the chap Mr Mondo ~ I framed some of the original cells from the movie and I think it was for that very man
    Yello Sub was the only movie my Ma ever took me to see ~ little did I know that nearly 40 years later I'd be sitting in a deckchair, in my local park watching it with friends on a big blow-up screen!

  5. I was saying to Mrs M last week they should open a cafe near the redesigned house and call it 'Lulu's'


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