Thursday 1 April 2010

♈ no fool

it's my Pops birthday today:
he was my stepdad until one day we all adopted his surname:
he is my Pops and we always have fun:

I used to help him on his milkround at the weekends:
get up, deliver bottles of milk, collect money:
we would have fried eggs sandwiches in little cafes:
and drink tea from a flask in fingerless gloves:

in his spare time he collected stamps:
poring over his stanley gibbons books:
sorting through the little squared pieces of paper:
placing them in his special albums:
once he bought a lot at an auction:
a huge bag of stamps and some cameras:

he gave one to me:
I loved clicking the shutter and looking through the viewfinder:

this is it:
it started my collection:

it makes me smile when I see him playing the same silly
games he used to play with us ~ now with Libbie and my nephews:
they haven't eaten purple rice pudding yet though:

I have been a step parent and I am a parent:
it's not easy:
I know that:
and I know how lucky I am to still have him in my life:

thank you Pops:
for many days of love and laughter:


  1. *sniffle*
    happy birthday pops!

  2. Thank you darling for the lovely prezzies and the yummy cake. Thank you too for your wonderful tear making comments on your blog :)) but why oh why choose that pic with my belly on show ggrrrrr =))
    Oh please thank suzie for her b'day wishes
    Love n Stuff

  3. oh shush ^_*
    cake was rather spesh wasn't it *schlurp*


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