Friday, 2 April 2010

⎋ grab your torch

last night was the opening night of 
Interruptions of the Ordinary
at tap :
entering the darkened gallery with torches in hand
we began to open plan chest drawers:
like intruders and peeping toms:
reading strangers postcards:
other peoples lives:
curated by Charlie Levine and Hayley Lock
a call for submissions of collage pieces on the subject of Post: 
many sent through the postal system to the gallery:
a previous show at Trove
contained Christmas card/collage exchanges through invitation
via facebook:
spotlight on my own submission: ☝
the small gallery contained the surreal and childlike piece 
Granma's House by John Adams:
his mysterious assemblage had our torches dancing 
to view spiders on the roof and a dinosaur with a ribbon-bondaged 
Barbie in it's teeth:
the winch room had a three screen video piece ~
Unnamed (2007) by Joe Moran, Florence Peake
and Kirsty Richardson:
three adults, one baby +
choreographic bursts within a contained home space:
the eerie cries of the baby leaked into the other galleries:
interruptions of the ordinary indeed:

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  1. woop de doop!! I wish I could see yours a bit better, did you stick the torch on it deliberately, you naughty girl.

    I love this idea so much......may nick, err I mean get influenced by it, hehe!


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