Monday 12 April 2010

℧Ω neigh

it makes me smile when 'horsey' people talk about their animals:
my friend Helen is no exception:
she asked me to photograph two of her 'babies'
the images to be used on an invitation:
lucky for me her partner Keith was in the forge:
horsehoes everywhere:
on the floor, in buckets:
the fire roaring and metal an orange glow:
skillfully using his tools to shape the shoe:
hammer on anvil:
he put on a fine show:


  1. The last photo is amazing! WOW!

  2. as a former 'horsey' person, I can personally vouch for their all round loveliness and general endearingness
    I agree, last one is a corker

    when do we get to see the aforementioned nags?

  3. Ooooh ! I like the last one too. Helen said you should send it to "the farrier" magazine. Reckon it would make front cover : ) x Mrs B


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