Wednesday, 1 December 2010

ᄈ chocolate crochet

last weekend we had a stall at the
handmade & vintage fair:
Wendy shared the stall with a rail of vintage frocks:
my table full of crochet creations:
it was good to see friends:
buy some vintage goodies:
rummage on the other stalls:
pickled onions or earrings anyone?
teabag pouch ~ what a good idea:
I secured this pretty green dress
from Wendy as a swap for sharing:
now that's my kind of tender:


  1. I was at work and couldn't go...would have loved a anything left?

  2. have stock galore:
    will have to start new shop {dawanda has been rubbish}
    am now making things for me {for a change}:
    wrist warmers = done:
    yoga blanket = on the way:


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