Thursday, 30 December 2010

ᘎᘏ we come full circle

another exciting year is nearing close:

instead of resolutions 
I've chosen a word, an intention
for 2011:
listen [ˈlisən]verb {intrans.}give one's attention to a sound :take notice of and act on what someone says:respond to advice or a requestmake an effort to hear something:be alert and ready to hear something:used to urge someone to pay attention to what one is going to say:noun {in singular}an act of listening to something:
here's to a happy, healthy and creative new year:with ears on:


  1. That is a very marvelous word. And a lovely intention.
    Happy New Y{ear}

  2. I'm hearing you ;) Here's to a great 2011! xx


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