Sunday 16 January 2011

𐌏𐌈 reel to reel

for a little while I have had this box:
it's part of a collection that belonged 
to my Grandad:
cines and slides from days past:
blues being the colour of things cinematic:
priced £3.65: 
probably expensive those days:
luckily my Grandad was very organised:
each reel hand labelled:
last Sunday, Ken & Angie came to my house:
with their film projector:
after much tinkering, tea & cake
we managed to set it up and watch a reel:
it was strange and exciting seeing myself
as a little girl with my family:
seeing who was who:
with Libbie too, marvelling and laughing
at the fashions and decor:
the changing face of family life:

{notice an early liking for a choccie biccie: some things don't change}


  1. How lovely to see yourself at that age:) You, your mum, and Libbie all look so alike! x

  2. actually my little Sister looks so much like my Mama:
    so lucky my Grandad had a passion for film:

  3. I agree, film has such charm and a thoughtful process that makes it utterly fabulous.

  4. Next thing will be the slide show :) We had fun, thanks for the tea & cakes.


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