Thursday, 13 January 2011

❤♡❥ shopshopshop

a shameless flag waving and go-see-now
my lovely friend Suzie's new online shop
yes click that ☝word up there and 
go see her delicious things:
not only is she selling her amazing sculptures
and shadow boxes:
{she's such a talent}
she's selling yummy french finds
like these
and these!
hurry hurry:
they're selling fast:
someone has already bought the vintage 
swirly red dress that goes with those shoes:
{recommend further visits as she updates the store often}
you still here?
get clicky! 
here ☛ Trilogie:


  1. I'll give Mrs M the top off about it

  2. keep looking as she replenishes her store often ^_*

  3. Thank you my sweet lovely, you support me better than my 18 hr girdle!


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