Saturday 19 February 2011

◧◨ down my street or yours

there's something unchanged about garages:
memories of kicking a football
against the locked shutters:
wondering what's inside?
as kids, the garages on our council 
estate were a meeting place:
strewn crisp bags and dandelion flowers:
the first time I visited Tate Modern
I saw a small painting on wood:
not oil or watercolour, but Humbrol:
the artist ~ George Shaw:
scenes from the passion by George Shaw 2002:
this intricately rendered image resonated 
with me:
six years later I visited a gallery in Bethnal Green
to see more of his work:
where first & last things sound the same:
time standing still:
the broken drain:
 hauntingly familiar:
no returns:
easily missed when of neutral mind:
spaces we would have played in as kids:
where adults didn't go:
simple times:

on Sunday I was delighted to find a two page
interview with the artist:
finally an article telling more about him:
all I have to do now, is plan a trip to 
Baltic to see the exhibition:


  1. I am positive I saw these in a RCA show a few years back. Maybe he is a graduate of there. I loved them then and I love them now you've reminded me. If you book far enough in advance you can get a cheap cheap flight to Newcastle. DO IT {*}


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