Wednesday, 16 February 2011

⸉⸊ everyone loves a treat

what a lucky girl I am:
after a conversation with Mr Mondo and 
his lady on Monday ....
Mrs Mondo knocked on my door 
strumming this ☟
a beautiful yellow ukelele gift for me:
seems Mr Mondo had three ukes
and I had none:
now I have one:
then an s-o-s for hangers just like this ☝
brought donations from Mrs Mondo & Lois:
they're hard to come by you know:
to be turned into these ☝
the latest editions for an upcoming fair:
and as if I haven't been spoiled enough
today, Anna has given me these ☝ 
yummy treats from her recent 
trip visiting family in Finland:
thank you all my gorgeous friends:
feeling ❤


  1. oooh what a lucky girl!


  2. x so charming x

  3. Hurrah! Glad you're rocking the uke..lemme know, when you're ready to jam!

  4. Aaah...really pleased you are pleased! The uke looks perfect on that lovely footstool.. And hurrah for the hangers, that nearly saw an end to their hanging life, but were rescued..!

  5. don't think I'll be quite up to speed on the uke for a wee while Mr M:
    proper upcycling Mrs M: new life for the rescued:


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