Thursday 3 February 2011

≍≃∼ drifting in uncertain seas

this houseboat broke free from it's 
mooring in the Thames:
once the star of a tv show:
it had been floating in the Estuary for a few years:
empty and abandoned:
I got used to seeing it out there
moving along with the tides:
it's distinctive shape staying the same
through sunshine, rain and haze:
 still broken but now set free:
 after time of wondering what it
looked like:
it felt strange seeing it close up:
I wonder what the next part of it's
journey will be?
I shall miss looking for it
out there in the sea:


  1. Has a kind of romantic sadness dosen't it? I will go and check it out at the weekend x

  2. This had some kind of Crowstone feel about it. People will remember this.

  3. Where did you get the shots from Dee, they're fantastic!

    On a different note, how did you load them up? Can't seem to do anything adventurous on here, only write blogs..which I realise is the main point! But loading up the odd picture here and there would be nice!

  4. Yes I remember seeing this Grand Designs episode!


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