Tuesday 19 January 2016

♀ delicate hands

we travel to East Baray
to Banteay Samre
one of the smaller temples of Angkor
it was named after the people who lived here
 intricate carvings tell Hindu stories 
dedications to Vishnu
every temple has the same carved coverings 
for the windows and false windows
in threes, fives and sevens
we hear the music of a local band
a sweet sound of traditional instruments
as we leave the temple grounds
we drive on to Banteay Srei
the citadel of women
built around 967 
and devoted to Shiva
intricately carved red sandstone
by women, for women
beautiful arches
the inner sanctuary guarded by 
monkey sentinels
tiny doorways only 1 meter high
lotus flower motifs
and sanskrit carved door jambs
a thousand years old and more
hidden away for centuries
uncovered in 1914

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