Sunday 17 January 2016

∏ while you were asleep

we get up early to be picked up by Borreth
and his driver Mr Don
it's 5:30am and we are on our way 
to Ta Phrohm
it's still dark but we have a torch
there's a heady resinous scent of bark
and the sounds of birds and animals
in the tall trees
we walk along the dusty pathway 
we are the only humans
 the sun rises
the temple is revealed
huge limbs of fig and silk-cotton tree
weave through the walls
it's otherworldly 
beautiful carvings 
false doorways
devatas peering through roots from a spung tree
flocks of parrots above our heads
it was magical 

we head back to our hotel for breakfast
then Borreth is waiting for us for the next temple visit
Angkor Thom {the Great City}
at it's centre, the Bayon
52 towers
each with four peaceful faces
mysterious smiles
some 2 meters high
at Baphoun, the Reclining Buddha
9 meters high, at rest
at past midday it is 37 degrees
70% humidity
time to start our way back
past the Terrace of the Elephants
to the gate
where another elephant waits to go through
faces line the bridge over the moat
a Christmas day to remember 

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