Saturday 16 January 2016

}{ to the temples

Phnom Penh> Siem Reap
we catch an afternoon prop plane 
over the Mekong 
following the Tonle Sap River
our guide Borreth picks us up 
and we head straight away to Angkor Wat
sunset waits for no-one and he is eager
for us to see it from the best place
as the light turns golden
the tourists hush
gazing at the carvings and the trees beyond
the light fades very quickly
monkeys take back their space
as we leave by the gate to the east

the Angkor site is over 400km²
Angkor Wat was built in the 12th Century 
and is the largest temple complex at
1,626,000 m²
when I was young, I saw a picture of this temple 
in a World Encyclopaedia
somewhere I knew I wanted to see, one day

we have more to explore
and it gets better and better ....

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