Tuesday, 18 August 2009

> by hook or by crook <

"Mama can you help me make a dress?" asked my precious girl.
It had me rummaging in my sewing box for cotton and ribbon.
A little treasure trove of gathered things ~ needles and pins and lace and buttons and an old needle case that I made when I was at Junior school, pin cushions and offcuts of felt and used zips and old brownie badges and feathers and press studs and tins of beads and threads and embroidery silks of every colour.

I wonder where all those knitting needles came from as I readily admit to never being able to keep my knitted creations from getting larger or smaller. It's all to do with tension apparently. I did manage to make a 'cobweb' jumper in my punk days, using cardboard at the end of the biggest needles to stop the stitches falling off.

I found a collection of crochet hooks. One thing I can do is crochet. My mother inspired me to take it up one day.
She has always been a knitter and maker of things. The evenings watching tv with the 'click' of her needles are a good memory. She made clothes for us and matching ones for our dollies ~ still does it now but for the grandchildren.

Taking out the crochet hooks, I took a trip to Bodkins Wool Shop. The lady was oh so helpful as we chose coloured wools and talked about trends for craft in these money-belt tightening times. She holds knitting and crochet classes at her shop and they are very popular.
It's influencing fashion and interior design. Make do and mend will be our motto.
I have decided to make an afghan blanket for my bedroom. You know the kind ~ think granny!

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