Friday, 21 August 2009

_ notes & paper_

I've used many notebooks to sketch, stick & write within. I have an archive that I peep into for inspiration or nostalgia.
People have made me handy sized books to keep in my bag for those bit 'n' bobs that have to be recorded or kept.
Then I received a moleskine.
A black covered book of empty cream pages with an elastic tie to keep it closed and a really handy pouch inside the back cover.
There is something about this sexy book that makes me consider what I put in its pages.
It talks productivity.
I use mine for samples and swatches and found items and labels and photos.
To write website addresses or things to remember or research.
Things that interest me.
My friend Paul allowed me a look inside the covers of his moleskine.
Full of drawings of monsters and colourful spray painted pieces.
He recently shared a page on his blog.

The book artist Louise Best uses hers as a diary and sketchbook ~ the pages are beautifully painted and written and stamped, giving us an insight to how she works, sees and thinks.

There's a local artist Andy Gosling who often shares the pages of his book on flickr and there are groups dedicated to the art of moleskine too!
We each use the same book in a totally different way.

In a recent programme about the artist David Hockney, I spied a moleskine on his table as he said this ....
"We always see with the memory of seeing. Each persons memory is a bit different. We can't be looking at the same things can we? We're all on our own".


  1. Almost bought Mrs PM a Moleskine for our 4th Anniv yesterday (books you see). You can add Hemingway and Picasso to the list of sleb names.

  2. I'm sure their books make for interesting viewing.
    You weren't tempted then?
    Happy Anniv to Mr & Mrs Mondo ^_^

  3. I was very tempted but got a couple of other bits instead - and I got a lovely Les Paul book

  4. Thanks for the mention! Moleskine paper is lovely for writing and drawing on.

  5. You think? I find it a bit shiny.
    Suppose it depends on the pen ~ 0.4 stabilo point 88 or 0.3 staedtler


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