Tuesday, 25 August 2009

< little words>

Dear Nanny, thank you for the beautiful ring you sent me. I shall save it for special days and think of you when I am wearing it.

As children we were always encouraged to write 'thank you' notes.
It's a habit that I have lost as an adult.
My Mama still does and I often want to thank her for her thank you.
An appreciation of the time someone has spent making your day a good one.

When I receive a card from my Aunt, she underlines parts of the verse inside or even adds her own.
She endorses the point and has shown that she was thinking of me when writing it.
The best card for me, is a handmade one. Doesn't have to be a masterpiece.
It just shows that someone has taken time to create something just for me.

I feel the same with gifts.
A well thought out surprise means so much more to me than 100 presents or £100.
The real art is in choosing something that has meaning and spirit.
That's not to say that any present isn't gratefully received!

You could apply this to everyday thought and deed.
In this age of celebrity and vacuousness, it's easy to say what people want to hear.
A well thought out word means so much more than 100 spilled or empty ones.
It is always good to be told you're appreciated.
Not pats on the back but a heartfelt word.
I may not be in the habit of writing 'thank you' notes anymore.
But I do love to say it, with sincerity, to anyone who takes time for me.

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