Monday, 31 August 2009

= charmed =

Someone asked Charles Saatchi "What advice do you and your wife give to your children?".
He replied that his wife's mother gave her an invaluable notion on good behaviour.
*his wife being Nigella Lawson, queen of all things cookery

It is better to be charmed than to charm.

Now there are those who like to engage an audience, to flatter and get a buzz from being listened to.
So Nigella's mother sees this aim to be the most fascinating person in the room as vulgar and misplaced vanity.
Trying to be charming is a self-indulgence whereas allowing oneself to be charmed is good manners.

I can see what she is getting at here ~ no-one likes a show-off, there's enough of those in this mememe-lookatme-wannabe generation.

But if we are to all be charmed ~ who's left to charm us?


  1. Thank you so much for taking a sec to comment on my blog!! LOVE this quote above!! And the question you posed at the end... I'll have to think about how to find a good BALANCE on that one...

  2. I agree Rachel ~ balance ....
    but I am happy to be charmed ^_^


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