Friday, 18 June 2010

⦾⦿ electric video & ears

this week of the art trail has been diverse:
wednesday evening saw us visiting our favourite
vegetarian restaurant and eaterie
for a platter of pleasure 
no food involved:
unStatic a new night of sound and performance:
we sampled the menu and saw ....
a video talkshow by 
Mettemorphosis sees Mette dressing the part 
and interviewing her alter egos:
it reminded me of the still film photographs
unnerving parody :
we liked her little song about snails:
'restless' by Ann Harvey:
her light shone through, the music crescendo'd
as she drew:
sounds created from objects in the environs by
Stuart Bowditch aka Hybernation :
echoes and bleeps over a deep soundtrack:
'all the sounds I used were recorded in MyKitchen the day before the gig'
projected visuals and wizardry by our
amazing local vj Mike Lowther:
oversized cutlery clanging on plates:
film 'middlemans dinner' by
the everyday object made awkward:
unstoppable stuffing:

finally an interesting pre-tape recorded piece by
Curtis & Kherbeck:
analogue language take over bid in a beat style:
Noam Chomsky & John Ashbery chewing the
stale crusts from the dining car:
strangers on a shadow train:
click whirr play stop:

time took us away:
the evening carried on without us:
original things like this don't come along often:
more please:

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