Monday, 14 June 2010

☼ saturday saunter

the sun was out and we headed along the trail:
first to the student show at The Stables:
this colourful piece took our eye by 
Laura Whitchurch:
the blitz ~ after guernica 
by Bailey Wesborn aged 11:
gorgeous textured batik by 
William Home (9) and Mia Johnson (8):
wOoP my year 5 group were awarded a 
'leigh art trail runner up' rosette for their sea sculptures:

time for tea: 
Libbie + gerbera shadow = our own piece of art:
refreshed we stepped on ....
Lydia Hardwick's kooky ceramic birds:
I've met them before but under different auspices:
a flamingo is always a hit with me:
her playful installations are quite  difficult to view in an 
estate agents:
but knowing her humour, it's intentional:
possibly my pick of the day is Southend Pier by Alan Hockett:
he demonstrated his method my holding up an empty bean can:
using it as a pinhole camera, he captures the spirit of the subject:
his spectral images of local landmarks are hazy green:
a beautiful revival of old methods:
watercoloured pages by Bridget Davies:
this reminded me of the photographer Erwin Blumenfeld
and his iconic 1950's Vogue cover:
the first line of the page reads 'has my face a story in it?' she asked:
brave brushstrokes get my vote:
shops not on the trail get into the spirit:
dead flies on a plaster cake:
wish you were young:
sit under a tree and see 'ghost' by naturespacecreative :
historical tales and an evolving ground sculpture:
the ancient cedar tree lives on:
more events to come ....


  1. what creative kids you grow there in Leigh. The sea sculptures look pleasingly familiar ^_^

    pinhole camera love ♥

  2. We had a trot along on Sunday and chipped in with Paul Sigg's have-a-go mosiac outside Switch. Did you catch the chap at last year's - who looked like David Tennant, with mainly music based collage photography. Incredible!

  3. kids stole the show in my view Suzie:
    didn't go last year Mondo:
    saw the finished mosaic ~ fab:
    going to Paul's private view on Thurs so watch this space ....

  4. Great work. Thank you :-)


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